Parent Support Groups

A group of connected parents using their experience in guiding gifted children can accomplish much more than parents working alone. Whether united in advocacy or simply for mutual support, establishing a Parent Support Group (PSG) strengthens the benefits gifted education can have in homes, classrooms, school districts and even at the post-secondary level.

Current Parent Support Groups
Establishing a Parent Support Group
TAGT Parent Support Group (PSG) Member Benefits
  • TAGT will provide active groups with a selection of TAGT On Demand courses. One course will be made available with training guidelines and discussion topics for the PSG.
  • An opportunity for a TAGT representative to attend one of your PSG meetings annually (topics and date will be coordinated with the PSG Representative)
  • Active PSGs will designate a PSG leader to receive the benefits of a TAGT professional membership (typically the local group president)
  • Individual membership discounts for TAGT Membership are extended to parent members in your local group
  • A representative of your group will receive a complimentary registration to the Annual TAGT Parent Conference, including an invitation to a special session with other PSG leaders from throughout the state
  • TAGT works on behalf of the gifted education community to increase statewide and local support for gifted and talented issues. TAGT provides PSGs with the tools to advocate on behalf of G/T education on the local level. Visit the TAGT program evaluation page for additional information and resources.
  • TAGT monitors legislative activity and maintains relationships with state agencies in order to provide expert gifted education resources and input for policymakers. Members receive legislative information regarding policy considerations and activities focused specifically on topics affecting gifted education.
  • Your local PSG website and contact information will be listed on the TAGT website. This will increase the visibility of your group for parents and other TAGT members.