2018 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 54 gifted and talented learners from across the state of Texas who received TAGT scholarships! The 52 summer scholarship recipients will enhance their learning development at a variety of camps. Additionally, two seniors received college scholarships and two students earned scholarships to attend the Summer Mathematics Institute (SMI). For general scholarship information, or to donate to the scholarship fund, click here

Summer Scholarship Recipients
Caroline Stanton, Texas Nonprofit Theatres (TNT) 2018 Youth Conference & Workshop
Daniel Sanchez, Science Camp at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Ella Sal, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Mihika Sakharpe, Smarts Club
Shikhar Sahay, Lego Robotics coding program
Randi Ruppersberg, Lyle Engineering Camp at SMU
Jerry Rivera, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Donte' Raymond, Sea Safari summer camp
Kalyani Rao, Focus on Anatomy Camp
Jaclyn Paul, Camp Invention
Daniel Nipper, Intercept Blue Ridge Mountains Camp
Alessandro Mireles, Mad Science
Evan McDaniel, iD Tech Camps
Charlize Lopez, Mini Medical School I
Leonid Kolonin, Code Ninjas
Jordan Kegler, School of Rock-Mansfield
Matthew Kan, Inductive and Deductive Reasoning Summer camp
Ishaan Javali, Coding at UT Dallas
Nicolas Jan, Museum District Explorers at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Gabrielle Hobbs, Duke TIP
James Haygood, Texas State University - MathWorks
Mateo Gutierrez, SMU Summer Youth Program
Abbigayle Garcia, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Andrew Garcia, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Addie Fusiq, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Carson Foster, ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars
Annika Fisher-Eddy, Camp Paramount
Onaedochukwu Eneli, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Helena Dixon, ID Tech Camp, Gaming 101
Aidan Cuellar, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Ayanna Constantino, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Anish Chinni, 2018 Mean Green Comet Debate Institute
Heng-An Chen, Mad Science Kid's Lab
Maggie Cepeda, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Erica Carranza, MAD SCIENCE
Karen Butron-Rangel, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Kathleen Bulger, Floot Fire Summer Workshop
Isom Briggs, Houston Museum of Natural Science Junior Paleontologist
Michael Brierty, Camp Invention
Trinity Bosley, The Health Museum
Emaan Atiq, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Marisol Acevedo, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Justus Zarate, Game Worlds Camp 
Sienna Wu, Community Youth Leadership Camp 
Erick Washbourne, THINK Summer Institute
Cade Warren, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Avrie Thomas, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Clara Sumner, Lone Star Leadership Academy
Kaia Stiner, SMU Summer Youth Program
Ian Oviedo, Sea World San Antonio Summer Resident Expedition Camp
Anna Sagui, Joffrey Texas
Mikaela Johnson, Lone Star Leadership Academy

Laura Allard Future Vision Scholarship
Jordan Ferguson, Conroe ISD

Adelle McClendon Young Leader Scholarship
Teresa Hernandez, 
Fort Worth ISD