Can Blended Learning Benefit Gifted Students?

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Can Blended Learning Benefit Gifted Students?
Latest blog post from Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT
Written by: Lisa Conrad

In education today, it seems like there is a new type of way to learn every month or so! Blended learning is exactly what it states; a blend of different approaches to teaching and learning that brings together face-to-face teacher directed instruction and online learning options. It seeks an optimal integration of traditional teaching and e-learning that is instructor or student led.

When considering if blended learning works better at the elementary or secondary level, the reality of this type of learning seems to be more dependent on the student than on educational level. For schools, it is usually more prevalent at the secondary level; but gifted kids can benefit at the elementary level.

Blended learning resources can be found at Twitter chats and through online resources. It is also the subject of many recently published books.

Blended learning can allow students to choose what they want to study. It opens up opportunities for students to follow their passions even when local resources are scarce. It also appeals to the unique interests of many gifted students that traditional schools cannot accommodate.

What should parents know about blended learning? It is an option that does not require a lot of financial resources for school, but more of an open mind to change, and can be good for gifted students who's needs aren't currently being met in traditional classrooms. Blended learning can combine many different types of learning and more effectively meet their child's needs. To learn more, you can view the transcript of this chat at StorifyClick here for more information and article suggestions.



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