Curbing the Homework Battles with High Ability Kids

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Curbing the Homework Battles with High Ability Kids
Latest blog post from Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT
Written by: Lisa Conrad

It's no secret to parents of gifted kids that they often do not like or even feel the need to do homework and what may start as a simple assignment can quickly escalate to a full blown battle. Assessing the value of homework represents a great divide in education; expectations are rarely met. The purpose of homework is usually to reinforce lessons learned in class, but is this necessary for high-ability kids?

The effects of homework for our youngest students are unproven. Many believe time could be better spent in play and socialization activities. Homework may be more valuable at the secondary level for students considering higher education or to learn better work habits.

Socio-economic status can have a profound effect on the benefits of homework; many students must work and not all families have access to resources, such as Internet access at home, necessary to complete homework assignments.

Many believe that homework aids in student achievement. There are, however, many factors involved in realizing value from homework ~ i.e., subject matter, student ability. The quality of the homework assigned and an individual student's needs affect the beneficial aspects of homework.

Should high ability students be required to do homework? Redundant, busy work provides few benefits to these students. They tend to work well independently in areas of interest. Meaningful, challenging work would provide greater benefits. High-ability students are often overloaded with homework; and experience high levels of stress, anxiety, health problems, and feelings of alienation.

Teachers can offer alternatives to homework. Younger students need to be actively engaged in ‘play' time. Older students should be allowed to pursue passions so that they will be motivated to work outside the classroom.

Homework is probably here to stay for the immediate future but educators are definitely taking a second look at when and what type of homework to give. To learn more, you can view the transcript of this chat on StorifyClick here for more information and additional article suggestions.




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