Call to Action: Defend the G/T Allotment (Again)

Gifted Education in Texas needs your voice (Again)! 


Call to Action: Use Your Voice to Defend the G/T Allotment in Texas
Dear TAGT Members and Supporters,

Last week the Expenditures Working Group met and made recommendations to reallocate $5.3 billion to current and new education programs by eliminating the G/T allotment and other funds. The Texas Commission on Public School Finance will meet this Tuesday, September 25, at 9 a.m., to consider these recommendations.

Although the gifted community successfully defended the G/T allotment in the spring, we once again need your voice to tell the Commission how important the G/T allotment is for gifted education in Texas. 
Please email the Texas Commission on Public School Finance and tell them the importance of the G/T weight and allotment. Without funding and dedicated G/T programs and teacher training, high-performing students are at risk for not reaching their potential. Voice your concerns about how detrimental it would be to eliminate the allotment. Share your personal stories--we know from last spring's experience that telling the Commission about our gifted students helped impact their decision to keep the allotment in place at that time. Remember that your voice has power! Every email makes a difference!

You may use these sample letters (PDF or DOC) to send to the Commission. 

If you are from any of these areas, please contact these Commission members:
Texas Commission on Public School Finance Members: 
Justice Scott Brister (Commission Chair) – Georgetown
Rep. Diego Bernal – San Antonio 
Sen. Paul Bettencourt – Houston
Dr. Keven Ellis – Lufkin 
Rep. Dan Huberty – Houston 
Nicole Conley Johnson – Austin 
Dr. Doug Killian - Pflugerville 
Rep. Ken King – Canadian 
Melissa Martin – Deer Park 
Elvira Reyna – Denton County
Sen. Larry Taylor – Friendswood 
Sen. Royce West – Dallas 
Todd Williams – Dallas 
Paulina van Eeden Hill, CAE
Executive Director
Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented



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