Board Elections

TAGT is currently seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the 2025 Board of Directors. If you know someone who would make a great strategic leader, or if you're interested in serving in a leadership role, we invite you to consider nominating or applying to serve. There has never been a more exciting time to contribute to the gifted community in a meaningful way.

The following positions are open for the 2025-2026 term (January 2025-December 2026).

  • President-Elect (requires 1 year of service on board prior to application)
  • Treasurer (requires 1 year of service on board prior to application)
  • K-12 Representative
  • At Large Representative
Board Position Descriptions
Board Service FAQ
Board Service Nomination & Application Form 

April 8: Nomination Forms must be received online (nominations not required)
April 15: Board Application form must be completed online (read more)
May: Leadership Development Committee interviews select candidates, notifies applicants of selection
May 9: Slate announced to membership

Any TAGT Member in good standing is eligible for Board service. To qualify for an officer position, members must have served at least one year on the Board of Directors. Designated board positions (Parent, University, K-12 Educator, and Administrator) require primary, current, and active roles/service in the area of application. Read more here. Each officer and board position, excluding the President-Elect, serves a two-year term. Board members in good standing may serve a second 2-year term but shall not serve more than two, 2-year terms in the same position.

The President track shall be a four-year total commitment, based on the following terms: President-Elect (1 year), President (2 years) and Immediate Past President (1 year), each with a one-year term limit.  A President-Elect shall be elected in even-numbered years and begins service in odd-numbered years. 

Application Process
Any TAGT Member in good standing, who meets the board service requirements, may apply for Board service by completing the online application form by April 15, 2024. Additionally, TAGT members may nominate others who they believe would be an asset to the Board. These nominees will also be asked to complete the Board application, if interested, by April 15, 2024. TAGT members may apply to serve on the Board without a nomination.

Selection Process

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) will review all applications. Based on a needs assessment, candidate application, and, for selected candidates, an interview, the LDC will prepare a slate of nominees based on experience, background, and geographic diversity. The recommended slate will be distributed to TAGT membership. In accordance with the TAGT Elections Procedures, any TAGT member in good standing may declare him- or herself a candidate for an open position on the TAGT Board before the process is finalized. In order to self-declare, a member must submit an online application no later than 30 days after slate is announced to the Leadership Development Chair. More information will be posted after slate is announced. Board of Directors will be installed at giftED24 and will begin service in January 2025.

Self Declaration
By policy, the TAGT Leadership Development Committee is charged with the task of thoroughly reviewing all applications for service on the TAGT Board of Directors and determining a slate of nominees which reflect a range of experience and background based on a needs assessment. The committee’s recommendation for the open 2025 Board positions will be announced by May 9. In accordance with the TAGT Elections Procedures, any TAGT member in good standing may declare him- or herself a candidate for an open position on the TAGT Board before the process is finalized. In order to self-declare, a member must submit the following information no later than 11:59 pm on June 9, 2024:
If no office or position is contested by self-declarations by June 9, 2024, the election will be deemed final and the nominated slate will be accepted as duly elected by consensus of the voting members of TAGT. The slated candidates will become members of the 2025 Board effective at the TAGT Annual Business meeting at giftED24.

If more than one candidate exists for any office, the official elections ballot will be distributed to the voting membership no later than 10 business days after the deadline for self-declaration. In addition to pertinent candidate information, the ballot will include a statement indicating that the ballot may not be copied or duplicated in any way by any means and that to be counted the completed ballot must be postmarked on or before the established deadline (21 calendar days). No identification of the voting member will be required on the ballot. TAGT will contract with an independent accounting firm to tally all ballots received by the published deadline. Within 5 business days, the accounting firm will present its findings to the Leadership Development Chair, with a copy to the Executive Director. Within seven working days, the Leadership Development Chair and Executive Director will canvass the ballots and certify the results to the President and President-Elect, if applicable. The qualified candidate who receives a plurality of eligible cast votes for an office or Board position will be declared the winner of the election. In case of a tie, the Leadership Development Committee will arrange a runoff election. Officer and Board positions require a statewide runoff election. The Leadership Development Committee Chair will notify all persons on the ballot of the numerical elections results within 10 business days of receiving the certified results. In addition, the Leadership Development Committee Chair will prepare a statement about the outcome prior to the annual conference and for posting on the TAGT website.
Board Application Overview​
Nominations will close on April 8 and all applications are due by April 15.
To prepare your application, you will be asked to submit your current resume and a recent headshot. You will also be asked to describe (each response is limited to 500 words or less): 
why you want to serve on the TAGT Board
two skills that would make you an effective Board Member
the diversity of perspective you would offer as a Board Member
If you have any questions, please contact TAGT Executive Director, Paulina van Eeden Hill, at


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