Board Election Process

By policy, the TAGT Leadership Development Committee is charged with the task of thoroughly reviewing all applications for service on the TAGT Board of Directors and determining a slate of nominees which reflect a range of experience and background based on a needs assessment. The committee’s recommendation for the open 2020 Board positions can be reviewed here. In accordance with the TAGT Elections Procedures, any TAGT member in good standing may declare him- or herself a candidate for an open position on the TAGT Board before the process is finalized. In order to self-declare, a member must submit a letter postmarked no later than June 10, 2019, to the Leadership Development Chair at the TAGT Headquarters address along with the following:

Candidate Application Form
•25 letters of endorsement from current, active TAGT members

If no office or position is contested by self-declarations by June 10, the election will be deemed final and the nominated slate will be accepted as duly elected by consensus of the voting members of TAGT. The slated candidates will become members of the 2020 Board effective at the TAGT Annual Business meeting on December 6, 2019.

If more than one candidate exists for any office, the official elections ballot will be distributed to the voting membership no later than 10 business days after the deadline for self-declaration.  In addition to pertinent candidate information, the ballot will include a statement indicating that the ballot may not be copied or duplicated in any way by any means and that to be counted the completed ballot must be postmarked on or before the established deadline (21 calendar days). No identification of the voting member will be required on the ballot. TAGT will contract with an independent accounting firm to tally all ballots received by the published deadline. Within 5 business days, the accounting firm will present its findings to the Leadership Development Chair, with a copy to the Executive Director. Within seven working days, the Leadership Development Chair and Executive Director will canvass the ballots and certify the results to the President and President-Elect, if applicable. The qualified candidate who receives a plurality of eligible cast votes for an office or Board position will be declared the winner of the election. In case of a tie, the Leadership Development Committee will arrange a runoff election. Officer and Board positions require a statewide runoff election. The Leadership Development Committee Chair will notify all persons on the ballot of the numerical elections results within 10 business days of receiving the certified results. In addition, the Leadership Development Committee Chair will prepare a statement about the outcome prior to the annual conference and for posting on the TAGT website.

All queries should be directed to the TAGT Executive Director, Paulina van Eeden Hill (
All nominees must be an active member of TAGT.
Complete applications are due by June 10.