Board Positions

The TAGT Board of Directors is comprised of 12 members. Any TAGT Member in good standing is eligible for Board service. To qualify for an officer position, members must have served at least one year on the Board of Directors. 

The following positions are open for the 2025-2026 term (January 2025-December 2026).

  • President-Elect (requires 1 year of service on board prior to application)
  • Treasurer (requires 1 year of service on board prior to application)
  • K-12 Representative
  • At Large Representative

Board Officers (4)

  • President Track: total service commitment of four years, beginning with the President-Elect position (1 year), with an automatic progression to serve as President (2 years), followed by Immediate Past President (1 year).
    • President-Elect: Works closely with the President to learn the duties of the presidency; automatic progression to the role of President after 1 year in this position; elected in even-numbered years; position only on the Board in odd-numbered years.
    • President: Chief volunteer officer of the association responsible to the Board and the membership for assuring that Association programs and policies reflect the needs and aspirations of the membership; presides at all meetings of the Board; represents TAGT at association events, national programs and with outside groups. 
    • Immediate Past President: performs the duties of the President in his/her absence; chairs the Leadership Development Committee for two consecutive years, including the first year following the completion of the term; position only on the Board in even-numbered years.
  • Treasurer (1): two-year term (eligible for a second consecutive term); serves as chair of the Finance Committee; provides financial oversight on behalf of the Board.
  • Secretary (1): two-year term (eligible for a second consecutive term); serves as chair of the Policy and Planning Committee; functions as the Board’s Secretary, establishing the presence of a quorum and ensuring the accuracy of the Board’s documents; and monitors the maintenance and safekeeping of the Board’s documents and records.
Board Members (8)
All Designated and At-Large Board members serve two-year terms and are eligible for a second consecutive term. Designated Board positions are designed to ensure diversity of perspective from key stakeholder groups within TAGT but do not directly represent each group.
  • K-12 Teacher (1): primary role is current, active service as a K-12 classroom teacher
  • Administrator (1): primary role is current, active campus or district administration at some level (i.e. working primarily outside of the classroom; counselor, G/T coordinator, principal, superintendent, etc.)
  • Parent (1): primary role should include experience with parenting a gifted child
  • University (1): primary role is current, active service at a college or university in a professional capacity
  • At-Large (4): Four board positions are designated as “at-large” and are open to any qualified member, regardless of role or position in the field

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