2019 Board Slate


The TAGT Leadership Development Committee has selected the following candidates to serve on the 2019 TAGT Board of Directors. By policy, the committee is charged with the task of thoroughly reviewing all applications for service on the TAGT Board and determining a slate of nominees which reflect geographic diversity and a range of experience and background based on a needs assessment.
2019 TAGT Board Slate
Debbie Smith, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Advanced Academics, GT, and 504
San Marcos CISD

Christina Dearman, Ph.D.
G.T. Specialist
Denton ISD

Audra Rowell, M.Ed.
Advanced Academics Coordinator
Northwest ISD, Fort Worth

K-12 Teacher
Katie Drake
GT Teacher
Killeen ISD

At Large #2
Luke T. Hurst, M.Ed.
Secondary Advanced Academics Specialist
Wylie ISD

At Large #4
Jennifer Gann, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Advanced Academics and G/T Services
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, Fort Worth

In accordance with the TAGT Elections Procedures, any TAGT member in good standing may declare him/herself a candidate for an open position on the TAGT Board before the process is finalized. If any member self-declares for an open board position, the position will then become contested and the process for resolving a contested election will be implemented. If no office or position is contested by self-declared individuals, at the close of the posted time the election will be deemed final and the nominated slate will be accepted as duly elected by consensus of the voting members of TAGT.
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