TAGT Brand and Logo

For 40 years, TAGT has provided invaluable support to, and a voice for, the gifted community in Texas. As a successful cause-driven organization, TAGT strives to build on the strong foundation of the past, yet thoughtfully evolve and guide messaging for the future. One of the TAGT Board strategic initiatives focused on the need to “evaluate and stabilize a brand that establishes an awareness of our association and communicates our message effectively.” This led to the creation of an enhanced messaging platform and a new association logo, which was introduced the Annual Conference.

If you look closely at the new logo, you will notice three elements that work together to tell our story. In the logo mark, the design isn’t simply an interesting graphic, it is actually four synapses joined together. The use of the synapse represents the unique ways gifted students process information and perceive the world. The number of synapses used isn’t random; they represent four primary stakeholder groups involved with TAGT – K-12 educators, parents, university leaders and students. And finally, the color gradient is designed to communicate forward movement and continued development of our students, our association and the field of gifted education.

We are excited that our new messaging platform and the visual representation of our logo more effectively communicates our “WHY.” For you, our members, we hope that the message will inspire you and provide powerful language to help you communicate your own “why” to others regarding your passion for gifted students. TAGT connects and empowers educators and parents to meet the unique needs of gifted and talented students from every cultural background who see the world in unique ways and are developing minds that just might discover innovative answers to the most challenging questions of their generation.

Thinking Beyond
TAGT provides tools and resources to inspire students to fulfill their unique potential – beyond subject matter and grade level expectations.

Creating Connections
Involvement in TAGT is the most powerful way to guide gifted students in schools and in homes.

Shaping Opportunities
By leading relevant conversations, TAGT promotes awareness of effective gifted education strategies and the limitless possibilities represented in G/T students. We encourage you to join with TAGT as we move forward and continue to positively impact the lives of the gifted and talented.