Call for Committees

Application Deadline: September 21, 2020


TAGT is your association! Active involvement in TAGT is the most powerful way to guide gifted students and strengthen the benefits gifted education has in the home, school district, and community. By volunteering to serve on a TAGT Committee, you have the opportunity to contribute to the G/T community, develop leadership skills, and benefit more from your TAGT membership.

The new TAGT Resource Committees will be tasked with both identifying and providing resources to members and the G/T community around a special interest or stakeholder group. TAGT is recruiting volunteers who are interested in participating in the creation of these resources as part of our Knowledge Team. We hope that you will consider lending your knowledge, experience, and time to contributing to this work. 

Click below to learn more about TAGT Committees, volunteer opportunities, or to apply today. 

The TAGT Leadership Development Committee (LDC) appoints committee members based on an assessment tool that considers experience and background and diversity. TAGT requires current membership for committee service. 

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