One of the many benefits of becoming a member of TAGT is the opportunity to join a division. TAGT Divisions are groups of members that organize around a special area or topic in the field of gifted education. The divisions assist TAGT in many ways, including providing resources and information that can be found on our website, organizing special sessions at TAGT conferences, and providing leadership to ensure that TAGT represents a broad spectrum of giftedness. TAGT currently has four divisions: Gifted Plus, Leadership, Research, and Parent and Community Advocates.

Gifted Plus Division
The Gifted Plus Division believes that educators, as well as family and community members, must provide support for those who live and work with learners whose characteristics cross the entire spectrum of giftedness. As research shows, giftedness is a trait found in all cultures and populations.

Leadership Division
The Leadership Division constitutes dynamic leadership on behalf of gifted children in Texas. Therefore, it is the commitment of this division to provide a support system for individuals involved in the delivery of gifted services.

Research Division
The Research Division believes that identification and services for gifted children, guidance for parents of gifted learners, and training for teachers of gifted students should be supported by research in the field. Additionally, the results and conclusions drawn from such research provide evidence for advocacy efforts and encourage implementation of effective programs. Therefore, it is the commitment of this division to encourage, evaluate and disseminate current research in the field of gifted education.

Parent and Community Advocates Division
The Parent and Community Advocates Division is charged with empowering families and others to support gifted children. Each individual may have a different understanding of what ‘giftedness’ is. That is part of the journey. The goal of the division is to provide resources, support and a ‘safe place’ to discuss needs and concerns. 

For more information on TAGT Divisions, please call 512.499.8248.