Legacy Book Awards Process

2020 Applications are now closed.

Entry Fee: $100 per title

What Do We Receive for Entering/Winning?

  • All nominated books are listed on the TAGT website from June 1 to October 1, with a link to the publisher's page of choice.
  • All nominated books are publicized via TAGT social media channels up to 3 times during the nomination period. 
  • Winning books receive opportuity for breakout session at giftED20 for the books' authors, plus recognition at the 2020 INSPIRE Awards Celebration, within the giftED20 program, and at the general sessions of the conference. Winners also receive recognition via social media, with cover images and links on the TAGT website throughout the year.
  • All winners will have the opportunity to contribute content to TAGT, through the new TEMPO+ website, webinars, live Facebook sessions, and more. Publishers/authors must work in conjunction with TAGT to secure these opportunities.

Awards Process
Submitted book entries are sent out for review to readers across the country. Volunteers diligently read and review entries and return a rubric for each book to TAGT for a tally. The highest ranking book in each category is selected. The timeline, procedures, and management of the Legacy Book® Awards may be adjusted at any time by TAGT. Note: In order to ensure that finalists reflect the best selection of publications, TAGT may opt not to give awards for a category in which there are insufficient nominees. Nomination fees will be reimbursed to any publisher nominating books in a category not deemed sufficiently competitive.


  • Curricular Materials: Provides educators with supporting materials to use in the classroom. Resources include workbooks, lesson plans, manuals and classroom activities.
  • Educator: Enhances an educator’s awareness and ability to work with G/T students by application of sound theory, practical strategies and/or proven methodology.
  • Parent: Increases the understanding of the unique needs of G/T children and help ensure they are met, both at home and in the classroom.
  • Scholar: Guides graduate students or advanced educators to understand and expand upon the latest research on giftedness and G/T education.

Rules and Procedures

  • Books are nominated for this award by their publishers. No publisher may nominate more than two books for any one category in a single competition year. A publishing company may submit up to eight books (four categories/two per category). Submissions must be made here.
  • Publishers need to send seven copies of each nominated book to TAGT by June 15, 2020. These competition copies will not be returned. Entry fee: $100 per title. 
    • Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented, Attn: Lacy Compton, 3305 Steck Ave., Suite 200, Austin, TX 78757
  • Books must be available in English in the United States
  • Only new books or revised editions with a copyright date of 2019 or 2020 will be accepted. Revised editions may be submitted five years after the previous nomination.
  • Each book may only be nominated in one category.
  • Nominated books are encouraged to be sold on-site at the TAGT Annual Conference, whether by the publisher or an affiliated retailer. Authors or editors of award winners may be invited to present at the TAGT Annual Conference.
  • Judges are selected from across the United States to review the books on national merit at the discretion of TAGT.
  • TAGT has developed a trademarked logo and sticker seals for the award. Winners are authorized to affix the seal to the book, use the logo in the book cover design, and use the seals and/or logo on promotional material for Legacy Books. All other uses are prohibited unless permission is given in writing from TAGT.
  • Deadline: June 1, 2020
    • Publishers must complete and return the Legacy Book® nomination form and entry fee ($100 per title), with seven copies of each book to TAGT.
  • TAGT will publicly announce the winners in each category no later than October 1, after which publishers and authors may publicize their book’s status as a Legacy Book® and use the logo in their materials.