Guiding Principles

Adopted September 2020

TAGT Guiding Principles

TAGT leadership has adopted these principles to shape and inform strategic initiatives, programs, and services. TAGT embraces the varied definitions and paradigms of giftedness and supports local control around the approach to giftedness and talent development. These principles serve as a set of agreements that TAGT and its leadership will employ to guide TAGT as we work to achieve our vision and mission.
Promote Equity in All Aspects of Gifted Education
We are committed to changing practices, structures and policies to realize educational equity for all children. TAGT understands high ability children exist across all cultures, races, economic strata and in all student populations. However, the opportunity gap that exists in gifted education across our state and the nation is unacceptable. TAGT will provide resources, guidance, and research to enable members and districts to:

  • Promote identification practices that ensure the population of students receiving gifted/talented services is closely reflective of the population of the total district and/or campus.
  • Ensure pedagogy, curriculum, and experiences are culturally relevant and responsive to all student populations.
  • Focus on retention of students from all backgrounds through effective systems of support, family connections and education, and community engagement. 

Support Intentional Student Learning Environments
We believe students should be provided daily an array of learning opportunities that are commensurate with their abilities and are available during the school day as well as the entire school year. TAGT supports local control over learning environments and should emphasize mastery over minutes. Students should have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication
  • Develop innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity and are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment
  • Produce products and performances of professional quality as part of their program services by graduation

Empower the Whole Gifted Child
To empower gifted students and ensure they reach their full potential, we believe the needs of the Whole Gifted Child should be understood, addressed, and honored. These needs include academic achievement, gifted traits and behaviors, social emotional needs, and psychosocial learning. TAGT members seek and develop potential in all students and know that these brilliant minds just might discover innovative answers to the most challenging questions of their generation.
Enable Continuous Listening and Learning
We believe in engaging our community with curiosity and a growth mindset. We appreciate the diversity, depth, and breadth of perspectives, experience, and expertise that exist in it. We foster relevant conversations and create connections between stakeholders in the gifted education community, broader education community, and policy makers. TAGT promotes awareness of effective gifted education strategies and the limitless possibilities represented in high ability children. To impact the wellbeing and success of students, TAGT will:

  • Provide high quality, research-based learning opportunities to teachers, administrators, and parents
  • Create opportunities for connection between these stakeholders
  • Nurture relationships amongst stakeholders and the broader education community