6-Hour G/T Update Guide

Guide to Creating a 6-Hour Update Using TEMPO+

Seeking ideas and assistance in facilitating the 6-hour G/T update? Are your educators requesting resources they can access independently and on their own time? Check out the TEMPO+ resource: A Guide for Using TEMPO+ for a 6-Hour G/T Update.

What it is: A guide for using expert-selected TEMPO+ videos and articles, meaningful reflection tools, and learning application guides to provide 6 hours of professional learning to educators in areas including differentiation, social-emotional needs, and equity. Each area includes:

  • Targeted list of videos and articles in each specific area to choose from
  • Reflection and application tools for individuals
  • Reflection and application tools to use as a group
  • Guide to using TEMPO+ 6-Hour update

Why it matters: This resource allows you, district leaders and professional learning providers, to quickly locate quality TEMPO+ materials to use when building your own 6-hour update. The guide also includes documents with easy-to-implement individual and group assessments, with action-oriented reflections to encourage the application of learning to the classroom.

Who it’s for: Any TAGT member, eSubscriber, and all TEMPO+ district subscribers, can access the resources included as you guide them toward completing their 6-hour update!