Divisions Update

The TAGT Strategic Plan includes three major initiatives to achieve our mission to connect and empower educators and parents to meet the unique needs of gifted and talented individuals:

PLATFORM: Promote and expand the TAGT brand to establish an awareness of our association and communicate our message effectively.
PEOPLE: Develop and implement various strategies and resources to create relevant engagement for diverse members, students, and supporters.
PROGRAMS: Assess and evaluate existing and potential TAGT activities and programs to ensure continued and future efficacy of services.

Within these initiatives, the TAGT Board of Directors has identified two goals to enhance member benefits and your member experience:

  1. Create a new suite of G/T education resources and content based on member needs.
  2. Review and refine volunteer and community building opportunities related to committee service and the TAGT Division structure.
To accomplish these goals, a task force made up of current and past division and committee leaders was created by the TAGT Board of Directors in June 2018 to perform a full diagnostic around committee and division effectiveness and provide suggestions for continued work, restructuring, or additional changes that may be necessary. Through Division leader and member surveys and organizational strategic planning, the TAGT Board of Directors has approved a plan to create more benefits and engagement opportunities for all TAGT members.

Beginning in January 2020, TAGT Divisions will be restructured into Resource Committees that are focused on creating content, research, and resources for each special interest and TAGT stakeholder group: Parents, Leadership, Research, and Equity & Diversity.

Each Resource Committee is tasked with both identifying and providing resources to members and the G/T community around their special interest or stakeholder group and recruiting volunteers who are interested in participating in the creation of these resources. TAGT is thrilled to provide the foundation for these groups to work more effectively and efficiently while also providing our broader membership with more opportunities to become actively engaged with their association between and beyond conferences.

Throughout the fall, TAGT will work with current Division leaders to transition into Resource Committee roles, recruit new committee members, and identify volunteers with key knowledge and skills to accomplish resource goals. We hope that you will consider lending your knowledge, experience, and time to contributing to this work. The call for volunteers is currently open and we encourage you to sign up to be a part of our Knowledge Team!

We are excited to continue this important work together! We appreciate each and every TAGT member for being part of this special, passionate community!