Emerging Leaders Program

The TAGT Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed to provide new (3 years or less) district G/T coordinators with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with school staff, parents, students, and the community to positively impact the development of appropriate educational services for G/T students in the district.

In addition to monthly online training/meetings during the school year,
program participants will come together at the TAGT giftED23 Conference, the 2024 Leadership Conference, and the 2024 Gifted+Equity Conference; identify a personal goal and action plan for the school year, and be partnered with a mentor. The ELP curriculum will be tailored to meet participants' specific needs, allowing for a personalized program that will hone leadership skills, expand knowledge and create growth opportunities. Sessions topics will focus on how to implement, build and nurture a G/T program, unite G/T goals with district goals, and resources covering the areas included in the state plan (student assessment, service design, curriculum and instruction, professional development, and family/community involvement).

Ideal candidates for the Emerging Leaders Program include individuals who are responsible for district-wide G/T program leadership and in their first 3 years of service in this position. District staff responsible for supervising the candidate must approve the candidate’s participation. Candidates will commit to participate in all program activities, identify a personal goal and action plan, partner with a mentor, and participate in a program evaluation.

Applications for the class of 2023-2024 are now open.

How to Apply
1.    Preview Application and Prepare Responses
2.    Optional: Letter for Your Supervisor
3.    Complete District Approval and Commitment Form
4.    Complete Application by April 25, 2023.

Program Fee for 2023-2024
The fee is $1129 for members ($1329 for non-members) and includes registration for giftED Annual Conference, Leadership Conference, Gifted+Equity Conference, online training and TAGT On Demand course(s) for sessions included in program participation. The fee does not cover travel expenses to conferences.  Fees will not be due until September 30, 2023.

February 27, 2023 -  Applications open 
April 25, 2023 -  Applications close
May 12, 2023 -  Applicants will be notified
August, 2023 - Sessions begin

View the class of 2022-2023 here

Interested in being a mentor? Please see the Mentor page for more information here.