G/T Awareness Week

The TAGT Advocacy Committee is pleased to announce that the third G/T Awareness Week will occur beginning September 24, 2018!

This week was created to increase awareness and encourage support of gifted education in Texas. Through online community discussions and social media posts, parents, educators, and advocates come together to celebrate giftedness. All throughout the week, TAGT will push out information and created conversations to dispel myths and provide a deeper understanding of the purpose of gifted education.

The 2018 theme is #WhyGT with the mission of empowering advocates of gifted and talented students to share why G/T is important to them.

By Day:
  • Monday, September 24: G/T Awareness Week Begins: Download a Facebook frame, Tag a G/T teacher you love, Follow TAGT online to get more info
  • Tuesday, September 25: Parents Day: Join us for a free Parent Webinar, Find parent resources on TAGT's social media, Learn how parents can get more involved
  • Wednesday, September 26: This Is #whyGT: Learn about the students who rely on G/T programs throughout the year
  • Thursday, September 27: G/T Awareness Day: #whyGT: Follow TAGT and other advocates as we share facts, resources, and more about G/T and why it's needed in our schools. Join #gtchat on Twitter at 7 p.m. CST to discuss strategies for advocacy!
  • Friday, September 28: Thank You for Supporting G/T: Learn more about how you can stay involved and spread awareness of G/T year round

We invite you to follow along, share your story, and advocate for gifted education!

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Resources for G/T Awareness Day: