Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT is a weekly Twitter chat on Thursday evenings (8E/7C/5P) in the US. For one hour, educators, advocates, experts and parents share their thoughts, resources, and insights into gifted issues.

#gtchat was founded in 2010 by Deborah Mersino; making it one of the oldest and continuous educational chats on Twitter. Since 2012, Lisa Conrad has moderated the weekly chat for TAGT as @gtchatmod, produced transcripts on Wakelet, and written a weekly Blog post which includes a summary of the chat and all resources provided during the chat. There is also a Facebook page.

A wide range of topics are discussed each week including parenting gifted children, perfectionism, twice-exceptionality and neurodiversity, stereotypes, critical thinking, acceleration, multicultural gifted education, identification, asynchronous development, and much more.

Expert guests have included Lisa Van Gemert, Colin E. Seale, Dr. Javetta Robinson, Dr. C. Matthew Fugate, Dr. Nicole Tetreault, Dr. Todd Kettler, Andi McNair, and Dr. Emily Mofield. Participants have the opportunity to chat directly with our guests.

#gtchat participants have come from all 50 states, D.C., and over 50 countries. Today, #gtchat has 10,000+ followers on Twitter, 3,000+ followers on Facebook, and 10,000+ email subscribers to the blog.

How to Chat on Twitter:

  • Search for the hashtag ‘#gtchat’ in the Twitter search box.
  • At the top of the search results screen, click on the ‘latest’ tab.
  • Refresh the page to see the most recent tweets.
  • #gtchat uses the Q1/A1 format. Use the #gtchat hashtag in all your tweets, retweets, and replies to ensure other chat participants see your tweets.
  • Finally, make sure your Twitter profile settings are set to ‘public’, not ‘private’; or your tweets will not show up in the chat feed.
Questions? You can DM Lisa on Twitter at @gtchatmod. We look forward to seeing you this Thursday at #gtchat!

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