K-12 Education Enrichment Program Form

The TAGT website is a widely used and trusted source of information regarding the field of gifted education. Educators, parents and students from around the state utilize our K-12 Education Enrichment Program Listing as a reliable resource for information and recommendations on relevant educational enrichment opportunities. This page delivers an excellent opportunity to increase exposure for your summer, after-school or year-long enrichment program and showcase your commitment to gifted learning.

In 2017, the K-12 Education Enrichment Program Listing received over 15,000 unique page views, making it one of the most trafficked web pages on our site! In the same period, the average time spent on the listing page was more than 5 minutes. This data shows that a large portion of our stakeholders are spending a significant amount of time utilizing this resource.

Listing Rules & Guidelines: 

  • The listing period will run until December 31, 2018
  • Listing fees are $80.00 for all for-profit organizations
  • Organizations with verifiable 501(c)(3) non-profit designations will receive a discounted listing price of $30.00
Enrichment Program Listing Form