Call for Proposals

The Leadership Conference is a two-day annual event for administrators, coordinators and specialists, focusing on best practices and promising programs. The conference is attended by approximately 300 leaders in gifted education.

TAGT seeks innovative, informational, and engaging presenters and presentations for the 2022 Program. Of greatest interest are sessions and workshops that provide best practices, advanced ideas or solutions, provide skills for developing personal leadership or professional development, or dive deeper into topics in gifted education. The majority of attendees for this conference are campus administrators. In particular, the committee this year is seeking proposals for workshops and breakout sessions related to the following topics:
  1. *Creating Innovative Services & Programs: Application of relevant laws/policies to services/programs, Service plans for small districts, Retaining underserved populations in programs, Secondary services innovations and keeping students engaged in services after elementary school, Research-based instructional tools and strategies, Acceleration options
  2. *Leveraging Your G/T Program: Working with resistant campuses, teachers, and staff members; positive community engagement with parents, administrators, outside community
  3. *Building Strong Staff Teams: Comprehensive professional learning implementation/planning, Keeping teachers engaged in G/T and recruiting teacher talent, Building trust with teachers/communities/other school staff, Leadership skills, Communication skills, Self-care and strategies for increasing personal/staff motivation
  4. New Coordinator Skills & Knowledge: With the turbulence of the last two years, TAGT is aware that many leaders are new to their positions, we want to make sure sessions and workshops are available to meet their needs
Call for Proposals Timeline:
January 14, 2022: Call for Proposals Closes
February 11, 2022: Presenters Notified of Acceptance
February 25, 2022: Presenters Notified of Schedule

*Please note that preference will be given to sessions that fit the Applied and Strategic categories, as this conference is geared toward administrators with prior knowledge in topics in gifted education. Please consider revising your presentation proposal to meet this need.

Please also note that fewer presentation slots are available this year as in years past and presenters should make every effort to fit the requested proposal topics listed above.

A maximum of TWO proposals per presenter will be reviewed, please pick your best ideas.