MasterMind Session: Game Changers

Monday, April 15 at 9:30 a.m.

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Unleashing Potential Through Social-Emotional Learning
Emily Mofield, Ed.D.

Too often, emotions can paralyze students’ progress toward achievement. Fear, distraction, and uncertainty can deter students from developing perseverance and resilience when faced with obstacles. Be inspired by research and practical strategies for reframing gifted students’ perspectives toward challenges so they are motivated to achieve.
Emily Mofield, Ed.D., is an assistant professor at Lipscomb University. Her background includes 15 years of experience teaching gifted students and leading gifted services. She has coauthored several award-winning gifted curricula and researches the psychosocial factors affecting achievement in gifted students. She is the co-recipient of the NAGC Hollingworth Award for excellence in research.

Mindfulness for School Leaders: Principles for Cultivating a Community Committed to Social and Emotional Learning
Season Mussey, Ed.D.

Mindfulness principles can develop social and emotional learning in school leaders, teachers, and students. Learn tools to inspire teachers to lead their classrooms with authenticity, authority, and integrity, along with a framework for identity analysis that promotes excellence, capitalizing on the gifts of your team. 
Season Mussey, Ed.D., loves teaching and learning. She believes that empowering educators improves schools and transforms communities. She has her B.A. in Biology, M.A. in curriculum design and Ed.D. She is an education consultant and founder of the Kaya Teacher Project. She lives in Austin with her beloved family and dog, Darwin.

A Wholehearted Approach to Affective Education
Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, Ph.D.
What social-emotional challenges are hiding in plain sight on your honor roles? Dr. Fishman-Weaver’s study on wholehearted teaching followed 20 extraordinarily high-achieving young women from high school through college. Her findings led to important guidance on how we can use courage, connection, and self-care to proactively address these challenges.
Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, Ph.D., is an educator, author, and advocate for student leadership. She has held a wide range of positions teaching and leading at the K-12 and college level. She is the author of two books: Wholehearted Teaching of Gifted Young Women: Cultivating Courage, Connection, and Self-Care in Schools (2018) and When Your Child Learns Differently: A Family Approach for Navigating Special Education Services With Love and High-Expectations (forthcoming, 2019).