Professional Development

Texas law requires teachers receive 30 hours of training in gifted education to be eligible to teach gifted; in addition, teachers must receive six hours of training yearly to maintain that eligibility.  That said, many school districts do look at TAGT approval as a mark of quality training, and will accept hours that have our approval without question. These hours can be acquired at TAGT conferences, including the TAGT Annual Conference, or online at TAGT On DemandAs always, it is the prerogative of the school district to determine what is accepted for G/T credit, regardless of what is offered by TAGT.

TAGT has established core areas for G/T training that are based on state standards, but are slightly more expansive:

  • Nature and Needs of Gifted Students
  • Identification and Assessment
  • Social and Emotional Needs
  • Creativity and Instructional Strategies
  • Differentiated Curriculum
You can read more about these core areas and other professional development practices in Best Practice for Professional Development: A Coordinator’s Guide, a publication that facilitates the G/T Coordinator’s selection, delivery, and long-term learning potential of professional development in face-to-face, online, or blended formats.


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