Peer Reviewed Professional Development

The Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT) Peer Reviewed Professional Development (PRPD) process seeks to review G/T specific training, ensuring that it connects educators to adult learning opportunities designed to meet the unique needs of gifted and talented students. In all cases, it is always the prerogative of the school district to determine what is accepted for G/T credit, regardless of TAGT Peer Review.

After discontinuing the TAGT Awareness Certificate, TAGT leadership engaged a research firm, Arrow, to explore TAGT vetting of third-party professional development G/T training. Arrow conducted a series of stakeholder discovery surveys to gauge members’ desire and need for a verification program. Findings concluded that a transparent, peer-reviewed process to verify third-party training with clear and outlined criteria based on best practices is a desired service from TAGT member G/T Coordinators across the state.

Courses are submitted by third-party professional development organizations through an online form, accompanied by a review fee. The PRPD Review Committee, consisting of 9 members including experienced G/T coordinators, university faculty, educators, and third-party professional development organization representatives will review the course based on the PRPD Review Rubric. If accepted, the course will be added to the PRPD Course Database (coming soon) and the third-party professional development organization will receive a seal with the organization and course numbers included. 

Additionally, and coinciding with the Arrow study, TAGT developed Best Practice for Professional Development: A Coordinators Guide, a publication that facilitates the G/T Coordinator’s selection, delivery, and long-term learning potential of professional development in face-to-face, online, or blended formats. Much of the standards used in the PRPD review process are based on this publication.

For the purpose of PRPD, third-party organizations are not: Education Service Centers, Universities or University courses, Independent School Districts, charter schools/districts, private schools, the Texas Education Agency, or other educational entities with authority to approve G/T training for their educators.  

Third-Party Organization Applications

  1. Third-party professional development organizations complete the Peer Review Professional Development Provider Application (coming soon) with information about the organization, speaker(s), and course. The fee for review is $150 for the first course and $50 each for additional courses submitted at that time. The fee is required before the application is reviewed and guarantees consideration. The fee does not guarantee verification.
  2. The PRPD Review Committee reviews application and scores based on the Review Rubric within three weeks of submission.
    1. If verified, the application is returned to the vendor with the TAGT PRPD Seal and any feedback provided by the committee.
    2. If not verified, the feedback from the committee is returned. The vendor may make revisions and resubmit once without additional fees.
  3. Once verified, the vendor and course will be published in the online database of Peer Reviewed Professional Development, available to TAGT members. The vendor may display the TAGT PRPD Seal in course promotion, marketing, and post-course documentation.
  4. Course peer-review is valid for 2 years. Courses must be reviewed again at the prevailing rate at the end of the 2 years or verification expires.