Scholarships FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: TAGT Summer Scholarships

What is a TAGT Summer Scholarship?
TAGT Summer Scholarships are available for identified gifted students, grades K-12, who wish to attend academic, fine arts, performing arts, or leadership programs. TAGT will award up to $400 to those students who qualify. In 2019, TAGT awarded 47 Summer Scholarships totaling almost $25,000.
Who is eligible to apply?
Any child who lives in Texas and is identified as “gifted” is eligible for a TAGT Summer Scholarship. TAGT can accept applications on a case-by-case basis from students in private schools and home schools if there is evidence of giftedness based on previous public school testing, membership in Mensa, or outside psychological testing. Contact TAGT with specific questions.

Can students who are enrolled in private school/charter school/homeschooled without a gifted program apply for scholarships?
Students in private, charter, or home school settings are eligible to apply; there must be supporting documentation through previous public school testing, Mensa membership, or outside psychological testing. Parents should contact TAGT for additional information.
Where can I get a TAGT Summer Scholarship application?
Applications for all TAGT scholarships should be completed online. Scholarships can be found here. Recipients will be notified by April 6. 
What if there is no Internet access to complete the application?
TAGT will accept paper scholarship applications only for those students without access to the Internet. Contact Sarah Vlcek, TAGT Member Engagement Manager, at or 512.499.8248.
If my child applies for a TAGT Summer Scholarship does that mean he/she is applying to a specific summer program?
A TAGT Summer Scholarship application is separate from an application to attend a summer program or camp*. Students must apply directly to the summer program or camp in order to be accepted to attend; the TAGT Summer Scholarship is designed solely to help pay for the cost of attending such programs.

*Continuing in 2020:
Sponsored by Education in Action, the top scoring student applying for a Summer Enrichment Scholarship attending the Lone Star Leadership Academy will receive a full scholarship to the program.
Will a TAGT Summer Scholarship pay for all of a program’s cost?
A student can receive up to $400 for a TAGT Summer Scholarship. If the program costs less than $400, then the award would be for the full cost of tuition. If the program is more expensive, the individual is responsible for any difference.
What types of camps/programs are eligible for a TAGT Summer Scholarship?
TAGT Summer Scholarships are awarded to identified, gifted students who wish to attend summer programs with an academic, fine arts, performing arts, or leadership focus. There is no formal list of eligible programs; all the ones listed on the Enrichment Program Listing portion of the TAGT website are acceptable, but a student is not restricted to only those programs.
Must I become a member of TAGT for my child to receive a Summer Scholarship?
While TAGT encourages membership, no membership is required to apply for any TAGT scholarship. In the scoring process, a bonus will be given to an application that has a TAGT member sponsor. Professional or Parent Members of TAGT may serve as a scholarship sponsor. Affiliated Parent/Supporter Members are not eligible to do so. It is acceptable for a parent to join TAGT at the time of the application and be the scholarship sponsor. 

What makes up the application for a TAGT Summer Scholarship?
The application has five questions; two questions for the student, two questions for a parent or guardian, and one question for another adult who makes a recommendation. Most commonly, the recommendation is made by a teacher or someone who knows the child through lessons, religious school, scouting, etc. In addition, public school students must be currently identified as gifted and receiving services in a gifted program. Verification must be obtained by providing the name of a campus G/T specialist, G/T classroom teacher, counselor, or district G/T coordinator or administrator that can verify G/T status.

The best applications provide detailed and elaborated responses and offer specific and appropriate examples. Let scholarship readers know what your passions are; tell your story!  
Are there income requirements or restrictions?
There are no income requirements or restrictions. The scholarships are awarded based on the quality of the responses to the questions on the application. A parent/guardian may indicate if there are any financial circumstances in which the Scholarship Evaluation Committee should be made aware.
When is the deadline to turn in the scholarships? When will scholarship notifications be sent?
All scholarships must be submitted by February 28. All applicants will receive notification from TAGT no later than April 6 as to whether they have received a TAGT scholarship.
How is scholarship money awarded?
If a scholarship is awarded, a confirmation form must be completed and returned to TAGT, along with a letter of acceptance from the program a student plans to attend. For accounting purposes, all scholarship checks are made payable to the summer program, unless the tuition has been pre-paid. In that case, payment may be made directly to the student's parent if a receipt showing payment is submitted.
How often can someone receive a TAGT Summer Scholarship?
A student may receive a TAGT Summer Scholarship once every 3 years. If a child does not win a scholarship this year, he or she may apply again next year.  If a child recieved a scholarship in 2018 or 2019, they are not eligible to apply for a summer scholarship this year.
What other scholarships does TAGT offer?
  1. The Adelle McClendon Young Leaders Scholarship awards $2,500 to an identified gifted student who is a graduating high school senior. The scholarship is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the years leading up to graduation.
  2. The Laura Allard Future Vision Scholarship awards $2,500 to an identified gifted student who is a graduating high school senior. The scholarship is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, a strong sense of purpose, clearly defined goals, and a long-term plan for achieving those goals.
Where does TAGT get the money for its scholarships?
TAGT scholarship funds are based on investments and donations. TAGT generates revenue from memberships and conference registrations. The association receives no money from the state or federal government. Donate to the scholarship fund today!
Who do I contact if I have questions?
Contact Sarah Vlcek, TAGT Member Engagement Manager at or 512.499.8248.

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