School Closure Resources

In an effort to support you during school disruptions due to COVID-19, TAGT has collected G/T-related educational resources to share with our members and followers. If you would like to share your digital resources (website, platform, lessons, games, activities, etc), please complete this form (access must be free or include a free week-plus trial). We will continue to update this page.

The views, opinions, and resources included here do not necessarily reflect a TAGT position, nor have they been reviewed. Educators, please follow your district guidelines for content delivery and access. Parents, please use your discretion as you make decisions for your child.

Facebook Live Session Resources

Beauty of Imperfection​​

Cultivando nuestros cerebros bilingües: Exploremos recursos gratuitos​

Cultivating our Bilingual Brains: Let's Explore Free Resources​

Giving Students Opportunities to Pursue Passions and Make Connections While Learning at Home

Helping G/T Kids Manage Intense Emotions During Tough Times​​

The Limit Does Not Exist: Creativity in At-Home Learning and Beyond​

Surviving, Thriving, and Finding Magic in the Era of COVID-19

Sustainable Tips for Parents to Keep Children Engaged in Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic​​

Coordinator Resources

COVID-19 FAQ: Gifted/Talented Education Guidance​
For Coordinators
The purpose of this Question and Answer (Q&A) resource is to provide Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with guidance on adjustments and flexibility for Gifted/Talented programming and students.​

Resources From Our Partners

AAGT - Tools for Home-Based Learning During School Closures
For Parents & Educators
Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented is here as a resource to parents, students and teachers. We will be updating this post with links, enrichment ideas and resources for our gifted students.​

J Taylor Education​
For Educators
Free trial of Frames-Maker software. Make and save unlimited Frames with modifiable Depth & Complexity and Content Imperative Icons, and text-adding feature. Access other teacher's Frames in our national Frames database. Create classes and assignments for students. Trial will extend until August 1.

Kentucky Association for Gifted Education
For Parents & Educators
In an effort to support parents, educators, and G/T students during school disruptions due to COVID-19, the KAGE Board has been collecting G/T-related educational resources to share with its members and followers.​

Knowsys - Quizlet Free Resources​
For Parents & Educators
With everyone trying to do their best to help students continue to learn from home in this crazy situation, Quizlet is offering its Quizlet Teacher access for free.
Knowsys is a verified premium content creator on Quizlet and teachers and students can find and all the Knowsys vocabulary levels - including new activities for students - at Quizlet.​

For Parents
Supporting Your Gifted Child During COVID-19

National Association for Gifted Children
For Parents
NAGC has created a tip sheet for parents on "Supporting Your Gifted Child During COVID-19." ​

Prufrock Press Inc.​
For Parents & Educators
Prufrock Press’s free webinars bring experts in the field of gifted education to you. Receive valuable advice about parenting and educating gifted kids, explore new products and concepts, and learn valuable skills. Simply visit our webinars archive page, and view any of our past webinars. The Prufrock Press website also includes free preview samples of every book.​

NuMinds Enrichment
For Parents & Educators
Every hour, 9-5, we are Facebook Live broadcasting a NuMinds "variety show," complete with Inspirational Messages, roleplay, storytelling, and interactive STEAM lessons for K-2, 3-5, and in Spanish. Tune in; tell us what you like (or don't!), so we can keep real, inspired learning alive during this crisis. 
Live Facebook broadcasts; videos are saved on​

NuMinds Enrichment
For Parents & Educators
NuMinds Enrichment, an innovative provider of engaging, mixed-age STEAM programs, has launched, and is now streaming free, interactive content for school-aged kids and their caregivers every week day. isn’t a set-and-forget approach, where kids can zone out in front of a screen for hours. Instead, NuMinds takes a hands-on, interactive approach, challenging students of all ages to apply open-ended, divergent thinking to interesting problems and scenarios. If they tune in live, they can interact with instructors and carry out their hands-on challenges in the moment. Every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, provides on-the-hour segments led by education experts with an array of themes (some more zany than others) to help caregivers weave STEAM-based content into their makeshift daily schedules. 
Live streaming enrichment is currently FREE to parents, students, and educators​​

Region 13 COVID-19 Resources
For Parents & Educators
Since we know that learning never stops, we’ll continue to provide professional development to you during this unprecedented situation. Since you can’t come to us, we’re coming to you digitally. Our education specialists are teaming up with our digital learning team to convert the majority of our in-person workshops to an online format. The majority of our workshops are still planned to go on, just digitally.​

TAGT & thinkLaw Partner to Bring: Sustainable Tips for Parents to Keep Children Engaged in Learning During School Closures
Families across the country have been asked to transform into home-school teachers with little or no notice. As their children's first teacher, parents are inherently qualified to do this. But how do you successfully keep your students engaged in learning, especially when you may be balancing your own worries and remote work? This struggle may be particularly rough for gifted children, who may require much more stimulation than the distance learning options provided by their schools. Join Colin Seale, Founder and CEO of thinkLaw, at 6 p.m. CST on Thursday, March 19, for a Facebook Live session on the TAGT Facebook page full of powerful, but practical tips for engaging your children at home without losing your mind during these unprecedented times. 
Like and follow the TAGT facebook page here.

Great Books Foundation
For Parents & Educators
Free sample lesson plans (both fiction and nonfiction) for you to try while students are safe at home. Download and share with your students!

Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
For Educators
Kendall Hunt is the premier provider of research-based, award-winning curriculum for high-ability learners in language arts, science, social studies, and mathematics. We at Kendall Hunt want to make sure that students still have the option and ability to continue learning during this time. As a response to schools closing for an undetermined amount of time, we are providing educators free access to our K-12 gifted digital curriculum via our online platform, Flourish, for 30 days. This will make teacher and student editions accessible digitally.

Minnesota Department of Education​
Student Instruction COVID-19 Resources​
For Parents & Educators​​

National Inventors Hall of Fame​
For Parents & Educators
We invite parents and educators to check out our blog filled with many easy, fun, and engaging STEM activities. The National Inventors Hall of Fame is proud to support our educational partners across Texas and beyond during this difficult time. We believe that learning happens everywhere. These STEM activities will provide children the opportunity to explore, experience and collaborate to continue building lifelong thinking and problem solving skills. As an example, we guide you through creating your own at home compost with materials in and around your home! Enjoy! Stay safe. Visit our blog for up to date trends, information and STEM activities for all. There is no expiration! We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter for continuous updates and learning opportunities!

National Inventors Hall of Fame​ Resource Hub
We created a NEW landing page to house a number of resources that can be utilized to encourage continued learning while students are out of school. This page will continue to evolve as new assets are developed, or to rotate through featured content.  Be sure to check back periodically for updates!  Enjoy!​

TCEA Remote Learning Tools, All In One Place​
For Educators
For years, digital teaching and learning tools have been an important supplement to every educator’s toolkit. Now, those tools are vital to delivering meaningful, lasting education.
That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite — and most useful — tools for remote teaching and learning in one place. Check out the daily short-form video mini-sessions for bite-sized professional development, tips, and tricks for teaching online.

Vanderbilt University Covid-19 Resources for Parents​
For Parents
In an effort to connect you with resources during this time, we would like to share that the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) has created a website for families and educators that includes parent tip sheets regarding how to talk to your child about COVID-19, teaching in an online learning setting, and links to student activities and virtual learning options. In addition, PTY has taken modified select lessons from our field-tested and published curriculum for your use at home.​

Resources From Our Vendors

CountFast Math Flashcards
For Parents & Educators
CountFast Math quizzes for each grade level and 3 packs of 3 math flashcards--free, just need to pay the flat rate shipping cost of $6.00. Go to our website and have your student take the test questions. Limit the students' time to 5 minutes. After you complete the test send us an email at and include your name, mailing address where to mail the flashcards and your phone number. We will call to confirm the shipping address and get payment info. for shipping costs. Flashcards will arrive in 3-5 days and practice one pack each week. Good engagement and quality learning time. At the end of 3 weeks take the test on the website again and see how much you have improved. This offers is only while our inventory/supplies last.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development​
For Parents & Educators
The Davidson Institute serves profoundly gifted youth through a variety of programs and services. Our mission is to recognize, nurture and support profoundly intelligent young people and to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents to make a positive difference. We recognize profoundly gifted students as those who score in the 99.9th percentile on IQ and achievement tests. 
Parent and Educators can access our database of resources for and about gifted students on our public website. Our database features easy search capabilities for articles, resources and state policy pages to help students, parents and educators pinpoint gifted information.

For Parents & Educators
Developed by EarthX in collaboration with Big Thought, we offer a free K-12 Downloadable STEAM curriculum aligned with National Standards and with TEKs.  Designed to offer projects to support existing lessons.  Index and resource page included.
Registration email is required for download - no expiration date - no limits on use.
Melanie Yonks:

For Parents & Educators
Developed by EarthX in collaboration with Big Thought, we offer a free K-12 Downloadable STEAM curriculum aligned with National Standards and with TEKs.  Designed to offer projects to support existing lessons.  Index and resource page included. Registration email is required for download - no expiration date - no limits on use.

EVERFI Digital Curricula
For Parents & Educators
EVERFI's digital curricula empower teachers to bring critical skills education into their classrooms. Our interactive, game-based lessons help prepare students for success in the real world. Resources available include STEM, Financial Literacy, Career Exploration, Character Education EVERFI resources are donated by corporate and community partners. Teachers: create an account at, click "create class" and select the resources you'd like students to have access to. You will receive a registration code that you will give to students so you can track their progress. Parents: follow the same instructions as teachers. Students: go to, click "register" and enter the code to get started.

Gifted Guru Parent
For Parents & Educators
English Class: This is a free live-streamed secondary English class (7th-12th grades) that explores the short story genre. The class will live stream at 12pm CDT from March 16-March 27, and recordings will be available afterwards. The class will stream on YouTube here. There will be a different story discussed each day. The list of stories, along with links to online free sources for the links, are available here. Each day is standalone, so students need not attend all of the classes. This course will run for two weeks. It will stream live, and recordings will go up very soon after the live stream. 
Houston Museum of Natural Science
For Parents & Educators
HMNS at Home - we're bringing our Museum to you! In doing our part to flatten the curve of COVID-19, we are offering a digital museum experience. We know, with school closures, that bringing educational content to you is more important than ever! From the comfort of your home, dive into our online collection with video archives, virtual tours, Beyond Bones Blog, and more!
Save the HMNS at Home webpage – more exciting educational opportunities heading your way!

HouseStories Inc
For Parents & Educators
Modular 9-week curriculum for Grades 6-9, focus areas: Geography, Social Studies, Science, Engineering, Climate Change, Interdisciplinary Studies, Project Based/Student Lead Learning.
With the UrbanEngineers curriculum, students embark on a global journey, creating knowledge to build an adaptive and resilient city for a particular geographic location. Learn to apply systems thinking models to develop ideas and concepts about how lifestyles, infrastructures and technologies need to be adapted for different geographies, available resources and climates. Invent a product! Close resource loops! Design a city neighborhood! We kindly ask for your feedback and comments in exchange for the free download. Go to: 
Code for free download: TAGT_C19 (One per order, can be used twice, valid until April 19, 2020.)
Browse the site for information and click on “download” to select one of the UbanEngineers projects: Arid City, Vertical Garden City, Mars City or Floating City
Apply the code TAGT_C19 at checkout.
The digital files encompass a modular 9-week curriculum for middle grades which is easily adaptable into shorter lessons. See details in the Teacher Guides and also feel free to email: 
We kindly ask for your feedback and comments in exchange for the free download.

Mensa for Kids
For Parents & Educators
Living room turned into a makeshift classroom? We’re here to help with hand-selected lessons and activities for cooped-up kids.

Mind Vine Press Mini Party Plan Envision Unit
For Parents & Educators
Free 2-week mini Party Plan Envision unit for extra challenge and inspiration while your child is home. Allows for research, creativity, and fun! Other Envision projects available at Best wishes to all. Search "Melanie Bondy Party Plan" on Teachers Pay Teachers to locate in the future.

NASA Learning Space
Looking for space and science activities you can do with NASA at home? Here, you can find instructions for making things like rockets, Mars rovers and Moon landers out of materials you have at home – or with templates you can print out. We'll be showing you how in our all-new video series, Learning Space, available in the Videos section below. Scroll down to Activities to find DIY projects, slideshows about space, games and links to other things you can do and see with NASA. Be sure to check back. We'll be adding new projects and video tutorials all the time!

Project Pals​
For Educators
FREE licenses of Project Pals for the remainder of this school year to any district, school, teacher or parent who wants to facilitate inquiry-based and project-based learning experiences remotely with transparency and accountability.
To sign up, just send an email to or request a demo. We'll schedule a 30 minute video call to preview the platform. Afterwards, we'll create your account and follow up with virtual training opportunities and materials to get started.
Renzulli Learning
For Educators
Renzulli Learning is an interactive online system that provides a personalized learning environment for students, which allows teachers to easily differentiate instruction to increase engagement and higher academic performance. Renzulli Learning supports strength based personalized learning in all subjects for students in grades Pre-K through 12. The Renzulli Profiler quickly identifies student strengths, interests, learning and expression styles and then matches each student with thousands of personalized engaging Enrichment Activities. Renzulli Learning features robust student grouping which supports our revolutionary strength-based Project Based Learning (PBL) system. Educators should complete the Free Access Form on and they will be logged into Renzulli Learning when completed. Login credentials will also be sent from  Free Customer Support is available.  Call us at (203) 680-8301 and we will help you every step of the way.
Rita Mauro:

Shmoop University, Inc
For Educators
Shmoop is a digital publisher with a one of a kind approach to college readiness. Understanding the challenges that come from engaging students with dated, dry, curriculum; Shmoop instead delivers a fun approach to learning. Through humor, pop culture references, and a conversational style, Shmoop's online courses and test prep programs connect with teens and deliver results. Shmoop is offering full access to schools and districts that are closed because of COVID-19. Free access is available through the duration of school/district closures. 400+ online courses, full suite of test prep, (SAT, ACT, AP, EOC, PSAT, and more) RTI ELA/Math, and much more. Please email to request access for your campus and district.

You CAN Do the Rubik's Cube​
For Parents & Educators
Learn to solve the Rubik's Cube with our online resources! Students can use the online solution guides to learn to solve, and educators/parents can guide lessons with our Learn to Solve curriculum (all available at no charge). When schools are back in session, educators can use the code TAGT20 to receive prepaid return shipping when requesting to borrow a class set of Rubik's Cubes (up to 36 cubes only--no charge to borrow the education sets). No log in required.

Other Resources

Actively Learn​
For Parents & Educators
Actively Learn is a digital curriculum platform for middle school and high school ELA, science, and social studies. Now teachers can access thousands of ready-to-go assignments, modify instruction, upload their own content to create new assignments, give real-time feedback, promote collaboration, assign small groups and research projects, assess student progress, and more. Attend daily webinars and get personal support, too. Free through the end of the school year
Elaine Riordan:

Box Out Bullying
For Parents & Educators
A leader in the field of bullying prevention, Box Out Bullying is offering materials to promote social emotional learning and peace in the home.  Perfect for families with siblings.  Our easy to use lessons and materials promote bystander empowerment, addressing potential problems, and creating empathy.  Visit  Fill out the contact us form and you'll recieve access to dynamic activities and materials.
Alex Parker:

For Parents & Educators
The site is a collection of recommended learning resources designed for use with K-8 gifted and advanced students, organized by grade level and discipline (math and logic, literacy, etc.). There are many links to free resources and the blog includes MANY ready-to-use FREE lessons and activities specifically designed for more advanced students.

Cube For Teachers & Educators
For Educators
Cube For Teachers is a free global sharing community for educators. It's a place where educators are sharing open educational resources that matter to them. Cube is always free. It is recommended that educators join with their school district emails as they will have automatic access to search filters that allow them to filter their searches from a global level to a district level.​

Distance Learning Resources
For Parents & Educators
This collection of tools, resources, and strategies has been created for parents, educators, and administrators to assist in supporting students as they engage in online learning.  We hope that this dynamic and growing library will be a valuable toolkit for teaching and learning in an online environment.

Doodle, Draw & Paint! Free Creativity Classes for Kids, Parents, & Teachers with Dr. Susan Daniels
For Parents & Educators
Education and creativity expert Dr. Susan Daniels brings us a free and easy doodle and drawing class that you can do at home with your kids! Learn how to make simple drawings, fun doodles, and other activities that will let you express your creativity without complicated materials or previous experience. Starting April 28, every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 am PST, for 20-30 minutes, via Zoom video conferencing. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper - and perhaps some markers or paints –  and join us!  Sign up for FREE

ESC Region 11​ Folder With Resources for Teachers
For Educators
A folder updated regularly with ALL of my planning resources for teachers. They will help you frame online lessons beyond just coordinating content. To understand how to use many of these tools, visit: Link will work for anyone who has it.​

GT Specialist of 14 years: Facebook Posts and Links for Resources
For Parents & Educators 

Free Parent Webinar
Beyond "Full Potential": Reconsidering What Success Means for Gifted Children
April 7, 6:30 p.m.
Colin Seale
All parents want their children to be successful. But parents of gifted children often feel an added pressure to unleash their child's "full potential." This webinar will give parents of gifted children powerful, but practical tools to understand the harms of the "full potential" myth and practical tools to move towards a more healthy, hopeful, and happy path to set children up to excel. ​

Free online puzzles. Cool math games. Number games.​
For Parents & Educators has it!  (More addictive than Sudoku or Kakuro? You decide!) Educational games for kids. It's Free!  No special login instructions.

How to Balance Children’s Screen Time During the Pandemic
For Parents
Thanks to stay at home orders that forced children indoors and education online, many parents and educators paused debate over how much screen time is appropriate for kids. In fact, COVID-19 safety measures created such a shift in how parents and caregivers had to think about children and screen time that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated its guidance on screen use. The organization acknowledged screen usage has likely increased for children, but parents should ensure media use is positive and helps the family and community.
Smith Curriculum and Consulting Sixth Grade Math Workshop Sampler
For Parents & Educators
This sampler of easy to use and prepare activities helps cover concepts including Ordering Integers on a Number Line, Multiples, Dividing Fractions, Integer Operations, Order of Operations, Evaluating Expressions, and Properties of Operations.

TAGT & thinkLaw: Free Facebook Live Session
Families across the country have been asked to transform into home-school teachers with little or no notice. As their children's first teacher, parents are inherently qualified to do this. But how do you successfully keep your students engaged in learning, especially when you may be balancing your own worries and remote work? This struggle may be particularly rough for gifted children, who may require much more stimulation than the distance learning options provided by their schools. Colin Seale, Founder and CEO of thinkLaw hosted a Facebook Live session on the TAGT Facebook page full of powerful, but practical tips for engaging your children at home without losing your mind during these unprecedented times.

Texas State University, Talent Development Program
For Parents & Educators
Teachers can replicate lessons and instruction that integrate FREE NASA content and resources for students while earning CEU credits and/or create a FREE community of students to complete their own online learning while earning cool NASA digital badges. For educators or parents who want students to work independently on exciting NASA digital badges, you will need to complete the "Using Badges with Students" 1-hr educator badge before creating your own student accounts.
Dr. Kristina Henry Collins:

Texas Wildlife Association
For Parents & Educators
Youth On-demand Webinars
Accessible anytime - 24/7
Just choose a program, fill out the form and the program will begin. Interactive questions with follow-along worksheets. FREE anytime!