Underrepresented Students Summit

Underrepresented Learners Summit | June 18 | 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Colin E. Seale

Leaving Genius on the Table: Practical Tools to Unleash the Potential of Underrepresented Populations in Gifted Education 

Education equity cannot just be about closing achievement gaps. It must be about shattering achievement ceilings. But when it comes to historically underrepresented groups in gifted education, we systemically fail to recognize the brilliance they bring to our classrooms and struggle to consistently support the success and retention of the disproportionately low numbers of students from these subgroups in gifted programs. This interactive workshop will provide leaders with practical tools and strategies they can implement immediately to unleash the full critical thinking potential of all students, especially English Learners and students in high poverty communities. These tools will help these students reach their full critical thinking potential and increase the enrollment and retention of underrepresented populations in gifted education. Because we cannot afford to keep on leaving genius on the table.


Learn more about Colin's work on critical thinking, underrepresented students, and motivation here and at:
Colin Seale was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where struggles in his upbringing gave birth to his passion for educational equity. Tracked early into gifted and talented programs, Colin was afforded opportunities his neighborhood peers were not. Using lessons from his experience as an educator-turned-attorney-innovator, Colin founded thinkLaw (www.thinkLaw.us), an award-winning organization to help educators leverage inquiry-based instructional strategies to close the critical thinking gap and ensure they teach and REACH all students, regardless of race, zipcode or what side of the poverty line they are born into. When he’s not serving as the world’s most fervent critical thinking advocate, Colin proudly serves as the world’s greatest entertainer to his two little kiddos and a loving husband to his wife Carrie.