TAGT Reads

New! TAGT Reads Book Review Program

TAGT Reads provides G/T authors and publishers the opportunity to connect with the Texas G/T community and receive valuable feedback on their products from their customer base, while TAGT members have the chance to engage in learning opportunities around books published for educators or related to educators’ needs.

How will TAGT Reads work? TAGT member(s) will read books submitted by publishers and authors, provide feedback to the author/publisher, and create a book review for TEMPO+ with helpful feedback for other members.
What books can participate? Books that will appeal to TAGT members include curriculum materials/lesson plan books, classroom management or practices, research/scholarly texts, parenting/family books.
How else can we get involved? In addition to TAGT Reads, there are many opportunities to engage with TAGT members and the broader G/T community, including book studies, providing resources or study guides to members, thought leadership on areas of expertise, author chats, or author presentations at TAGT events. Check out the TAGT Reads submission form for opportunities to connect with TAGT!
How do I submit a book? To participate, fill out the TAGT Reads submission form. Once your application has been reviewed, TAGT will contact you to submit 8 copies of the book for initial consideration/review by members. Please note, this is an ongoing program and books may be submitted for consideration at any time.
Questions? For more information, please contact TAGT Professional Learning & Partnerships Director, Kristin Graham at kgraham@txgifted.org.