TEMPO is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT). Its mission is to promote awareness of issues in gifted education and to provide information on research and best practices in the field. TEMPO recognizes the unique needs of children and youth with demonstrated or potential gifts and talents from all cultures, racial backgrounds and socioeconomic groups and endeavors to support these needs through a high-quality educational journal.

Peer Reviewers
If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer please contact TEMPO editor, Krystal Goree, Ph.D., at Krystal_Goree@baylor.edu. Serving as a peer reviewer is a rewarding experience as peer reviewers play a major role in mentoring new authors and assisting in maintaining high standards for the contents of the journal.

Approximately 3,000 copies of TEMPO are distributed quarterly to TAGT members. Subscription to TEMPO is among the primary benefits of membership. Advertisements must be deemed appropriate for "educators and parents who are able to meet the unique needs of gifted and talent students. Mailing restrictions prohibit TAGT from accepting advertisements for insurance or financial services, or "vacation packages."

For more information, contact Lacy Compton, TAGT Communications Manager, lacy@txgifted.org or 512.499.8248.

Guidelines for Article Submission
TEMPO Journal is now accepting manuscript submissions for upcoming issues. We are looking for original, previously unpublished manuscripts that address all topics related to giftedness. Since TEMPO's focus is primarily on the practical, we lean towards publishing articles that will be of immediate use to readers either at home or in educational settings. However, please be aware that even though articles are expected to be of a practical nature, they should be based on sound, well-documented research. Please contact Dr. Goree at Krystal_Goree@baylor.edu regarding material submissions. 

TEMPO is a juried publication, and manuscripts are evaluated by members of the editorial board and/or other reviewers. Opinions expressed by individual authors do not necessarily represent official positions of the Association. The Editorial Board includes:
  • Editor: Krystal Goree, Ph.D., Baylor University
  • Glen Teal, Ed.D., Abernathy ISD
  • Susan Johnsen, Ph.D., Baylor University
  • Ann Batenburg, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
  • Raine Maggio, Lake Travis ISD
  • Bonnie Casmer, Temple ISD
Please keep in mind the following when submitting manuscripts:
  • Manuscripts should be 5-12 pages on a topic related to gifted education.
  • References should follow the APA style outlined in the fifth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
  • Submit an electronic copy, typed, 12 pt. font, double-spaced manuscript. Use a 1 ½ “ margin on all sides.
  • In addition to title page, a cover page must be attached that includes the author’s name, title, school or program affiliation, home and work address, email address, phone numbers and fax number.
  • Place tables, figures, illustrations and photographs on separate pages. Each should have a title.
  • Author accepted manuscripts must transfer copyright to TEMPO, which holds copyright to all articles and reviews.

Reprinting of Materials 
Please contact Lacy Compton, TAGT Communications Manager, regarding reprinting of TEMPO articles.