Third-Party PD Verification

TAGT connects and empowers educators and parents to meet the unique needs of gifted learners and we appreciate your shared commitment to gifted education. Our vision is to provide relevant and innovative programs and services through an engaged, diverse membership. These core principals have guided our recent strategic plan, and as a result, we are reviewing all of our programs to ensure they are relevant, innovative and serving our diverse membership in the best way possible.

Through a year of thorough review and research by an outside firm, it has been reported to TAGT that our members value accurate vetting of third-party professional development opportunities. To that end, the TAGT Board of Directors has approved the creation of a new program aimed at creating a transparent, peer-reviewed verification program focused on supporting G/T coordinators. It is important to note that it is, and has always been, entirely up to local school districts to determine what is accepted as G/T training. With that said, this new program will serve only as a resource by providing a list of verified professional development training to coordinators.

A task force has been appointed to create the structure of this program and we are excited to announce details this summer. The goal is to have a fully functional program by the beginning of the school year. At that time, and updated process and new language will be communicated via email and on 

If you rely on TAGT to vet third-party training programs, please be aware that we have notified all third-party training programs verified since January 1, 2013, that their current program remains verified by TAGT through this planning process (August 31, 2017, at the latest). During this time, you may ask third-party programs for the original approval letter from TAGT. However, in all cases, it is always the prerogative of the school district to determine what is accepted for G/T credit, regardless of TAGT approval.

During this interim process, approved courses may only be referenced as “TAGT Verified.” All other references, such as "TAGT-Approved for the TAGT Awareness Certificate", "TAGT Certified" or "G/T Certified" are not accurate.

If you represent a school district or ESC, it is unnecessary to seek TAGT verification for in-district or ESC professional development as there is no longer an Awareness Certificate. 

Please direct any questions you might have to Lacy Compton, Education and Communications Manager, 512.717.6074 or Thank you for your continued support of, and work for, gifted educators across the state!