Our goal is to create meaningful ways for you to be involved in your association while providing important assistance to TAGT as we serve our members. We hope that among these opportunities there will be one (or more) ways you can engage that will match with your interests and talents. We want you to experience the impact of your contributions.

There are a growing number of ways in which you can be involved:

  • Volunteer at conferences
  • Read and evaluate TAGT Scholarship applications
  • Writing and/or contributing content (web, Tempo, links to news articles for Pulse)
  • Member Services (recruitment, engage, member materials, testimonials/quotes)
  • TAGT Awards (selection, recruitment)
  • Fundraising (donate, participate in campaigns, business contacts, testimonials)
  • Emerging Leaders Program Mentor
  • And so much more!

Fill out our Volunteer Form to begin actively participating in TAGT! Please call 512.499.8248 if you have any questions or are looking for additionals way to get involved.