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Presentation Materials

General Session Keynote with Tara Brown, The Connection Coach
Spotlight Session with Susan Johnsen, Ph.D., and Corina Kaul, M.A., Baylor University
  • PowerPoint
• Baylor Evaluation Services Center Handout
• TAGT Leadership Scenario Handout
• Teacher Practices Handout
• Report on Teacher Beliefs, Practices, Results, and Barriers

Acceleration Answers - Simonds
Acceleration Options Revealed - Vaughn
Access Free Computer-Based Stretch Projects - Mechenbier
Challenge Lab - Davis and Mitchell

Chronically Disengaged: Battling a Hidden Twice-Exceptionality - Oveross
Design DI Model Your Expectations - Simpson
Design DI The Need for Ongoing Support - Simpson
Designing an Accelerated Math Curriculum - Swain?
Diving Deeper Program Options and Design - Schaeffer
Equip Teachers With Simple Tools for Differentiation - Byrd

Fostering Understanding of Gifted Students Using Current Entertainment References - Shannon
GATE Academy - One Brick at at Time - Hinton

Homogeneous vs Cluster Grouping - Schaeffer
Hungry for Answers: Finding and Providing Resources to Parents - Oveross
Ignite Passionate Learning - Brooks and Smith

Implications of the Impostor Syndrome - CardenasHandout
Learning From The Past: GT Teacher Perspectives - Oveross

New GT Coordinator: Strategies for Success - Ruvalcaba; Handout
Not Just A Number - Simonds
Now THAT'S a Good Question!  Promoting Cognitive Rigor - Francis
Plan For Gifted Students' Long Term Success - Byrd

Power of the Renzulli Profile - ChapelleHandout 1; Handout 2
Ready. Set. Tech! - Salinas
Ready for College Now - Vaughn

SAT and ACT 2016 Versions: Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation - Griffith
SAT or ACT: Which One is Best for your 7th Graders? - Griffith
So Much to Give - Davis and Raymond

Tale of Two Lenses - Cardenas and Huizinga

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TAGT Leadership Conference
The Leadership Conference is a 2-day annual event for administrators, coordinators and specialists, focusing on best practices and promising programs. The conference is attended by approximately 250 leaders in gifted education. For more information call 512.499.8248.