Sept 2018 Call to Action: Defend the G/T Allotment

April 2018 update on the ?Texas Commission on Public School Finance meeting.

Information regarding Senate Bill 2145

Effective advocacy is more than being passionate about gifted education. An effective advocate knows how to convey the message that needs to be heard and knows how to frame information in a manner that drives the point without alienating those who influence the decision-making process.

The following links will provide helpful guidance for gifted education advocacy and public education policy:

Advocacy - Working with Your Child’s School 

Advocating for Appropriate Education for Your Child (PDF)

Advocating for Exceptionally Gifted Young People (PDF) 

Advocating for the Twice-Exceptional Child 

Advocating for the 2E Child and the Profoundly Gifted in a Traditional School Setting 

Be Your Child’s Best Advocate (SlideShare) 

The Care and Feeding of Gifted Parent Groups: A Guide for Gifted Coordinators, Teachers and Parent Advocates (PDF)

Effective Advocates by Dr. Julia Link Roberts and Tracie Ford Inman (PDF)

Fearless Advocacy: A Day in the Life of a Gifted Child’s Parent
Join the Gifted Education Outreach Corps

NAGC Advocacy Toolkit 

NAGC Advocating for Gifted Programs in Your Local Schools 

A Nation Empowered, Vol. 1 (pdf – free download)

A Nation Empowered, Vol. 2 (pdf – free download) 

Rationale for Gifted Education (YouTube 5:34) 

Starting and Sustaining a Parent Group to Support Gifted Children (PDF)

What Makes a Parent Group Successful (PDF)

Why I Advocate for Gifted Children