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5920 W. William Cannon Drive, Bldg 7, Ste 102, Austin, TX 78749
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P.O. Box 1918, San Antonio, TX 78297
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The TAGT staff is a team of passionate individuals who strive to create meaningful member experiences through engaging and creative services and by honoring a diversity of thought and experience.

Justin Ables-Hensel
Member Engagement and Marketing Manager

Member Engagement/Online Communities
Parent Support Groups
Student Scholarships
Social Media

Lacy Compton, M.A. 
Education and Communications Manager

Event Programming
Professional Development
External Communications
Emerging Leaders Program
Peer Reviewed Professional Development
TEMPO Journal

Maya Fitzpatrick 
Events and Communications Coordinator

Website & Communications Support
Exhibitor Assistance
Sponsor Support
Legacy Book Awards

  Alyssa Barnea 
  Event Planner

  Sponsor Support