With the help of our generous donors, TAGT offers almost $30,000 annually in student scholarship opportunities. By providing the right opportunities we may just spark the minds that will discover innovative answers to the most challenging questions of their generation. These scholarships have the potential to change a student’s life forever.

The 2023 TAGT scholarships will open in Mid-February 2023 and close March 31, 2023.  All awardees will be notified on or before May 1, 2023.

When 2023 scholarships open, you will be able to find the online scholarship application on this page.

For any questions, please contact Sarah Vlcek at 512.499.8248 or


Summer Enrichment Scholarships
Awarded to identified gifted students grades K- 12, who are currently participating in a gifted program and who want to enrich their learning experience during the summer months. The maximum summer scholarship award is $400. Students may use these scholarships to attend programs with academic, fine art, or performing arts focus. *Students may only qualify as a recipient of a Summer Scholarship once every three years. Summer Scholarship recipients must wait two years before applying again.*

Laura Allard Future Vision Scholarship
This scholarship of $7,500 is awarded in honor of Laura Allard, a Founder and the first Executive Director of TAGT, to two (2) graduating G/T high school seniors who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement; possess a strong sense of purpose with clearly defined goals and a long-term plan for achieving those goals. Students from underserved populations are strongly encouraged to apply (e.g., culturally, linguistically, ethnically diverse students; first generation students; rural populations; free or reduced lunch; twice exceptional; etc).

Adelle McClendon Young Leader Scholarship
A $2500 scholarship awarded to a graduating G/T high school senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership.

Since 1982, TAGT has awarded over one million dollars in assistance for gifted and talented learners. These contributions have provided scholarships to almost 4,000 students. The TAGT Scholarship Fund is sustained by donors, like you, who believe that today’s gifted youth are tomorrow’s leaders.